Year 1 Instrumental Activity

Students in Year 1 have been learning practical instrumental techniques and improvisation in music. Their task was to play the drums with alternating hands and they were also required to create an interesting rhythm to fit into four beats. Please enjoy these videos of the students playing along to the song, “Play a Rhythm”.

3D Ukulele

This term, Year 3 students have been learning the ukulele. They explored different chord shapes and strumming patterns and completed original compositions. Here are some videos of their pieces:



Year 4 Australian Indigenous Music

Students in Year 4 have been exploring Indigenous Australian Music. They learned a traditional lullaby “Mumma  Warruno”, which is in 3/4 time, meaning that each bar of music consists of three crotchet beats.

Students formed small groups and devised body percussion patterns in 3/4 time. The aim was to perform these patterns in time with the beat of the music. Please enjoy some videos of their presentations:


Class 4C…..

Class 4D…



Class 4E…

Year 2 Conducting and Dynamics

This term, Year 2 students are learning about the “louds” and “softs” (dynamics) in music, in addition to exploring the role of the conductor.

During Music classes, they worked in groups to experiment with different conducting techniques and also following a conductor.

Please enjoy these videos of students from 2B.